More than a handyman…

I am also an artist, a techy, a writer, a grandfather (recent…I’m not that old).

I have a diploma in Electrical Engineering Technology (Telecommunications). I spent 25 years in the communications and automation industry. I also have a Master of Divinity and spent 7 years serving others as a pastor.

So why a handyman?  I enjoy it. I like building things, creating things, fixing things, and I like helping people. I have had my chance to stare at a screen writing software, to climb radio towers, and to wonder why some municipal water pump station is misbehaving. These days I prefer to see wood curling out of my hand plane or the smile of a customer sitting under their garden pergola.

Where did I learn my skills? Simple, a life time of building, crafting, designing, and repairing, all with a keen eye for detail. I have built furniture, repaired more than my share of plumbing, drywalled, framed, insulated, painted, made cabinets, changed light fixtures, worked around more electrical systems than I care to remember, and the list goes on. I started when I was kid in my dad’s garage and haven’t stopped. I have also been blessed to be related to a number of fine tradesmen who love to share their knowledge. It’s a good life.

You can learn more about my life as an artist at erlenbachart.com