Are You a General Contractor?

Yes and no. Our Kamloops business license is as a commercial and residential general contractor. However, we when I think of a general contractor I think of someone or a company that builds residential and commercial buildings. They might also take on medium to large-scale renovations. We recognize that they have the experience and skills you need for major construction projects. Our market is the smaller jobs that may not make business sense for a larger contractor or require a ‘generalist’ AKA jack of all trades.¬†Think of it this way, we do the jobs that typically don’t fit within a general contractor’s business model. I’m not normally their competition. I like to work with people. Respecting the experience of others goes a long way in my books.¬†

I think of us as a craftsman handyman/contractor who does most of the work ourselves but may hire a tradesperson to do a specific task. We can also provide you with project management services when trades are needed to complete a job.